Ductile iron

Ductile iron

1Ductile iron is obtained by adding magnesium to the grey iron melt. A chemical reaction forms the free carbon into nodules, which makes this alloy a lot stronger than grey iron (especially in tension due to the enhanced elastic limit). It can therefore withstand larger forces.



28Thanks to these improved properties, a lot of steel cast components were replaced by ductile iron in the automotive industry and in agricultural machines. Of course, other industrial applications followed.

Quality ratings are EN-GJS-400-15, -500-7, and -600-3.


4If corrosion resistance is required and stainless steel is not viable, the Ni-Resist option can be selected. This is a sort of ductile iron to which nickel and chromium are added. It gives a kind of ‘stainless iron’.



23We supply automated castings up to approximately 150 kgs unit weight and manually moulded parts up to 15 tonnes.