Lost-wax castings.

Lost-wax castings.

29If small accurate parts are needed with cores and thin walls, then depending on the geometry, lost-wax castings are often chosen. Generally this is far less expensive than machining from solid material. Lost-wax castings can be done in all steel grades, even in stainless steel and in aluminium. This automated process becomes financially interesting from 100 pieces upwards.

Short description of the lost-wax process:

  • Wax models are created by injection into a steel die. These wax models have the same dimensions as the final casting.
  • The wax models are glued onto a central feeding run called the tree.
  • The trees are then dipped in ceramic baths several times, creating a thick ceramic layer.
  • The wax is melted out in an oven, hence called the lost-wax process.
  • The liquid metal is now poured into the cavities.
  • After setting, the ceramic is removed and the final castings remain.
  • The castings are cut from the tree and are cleaned by means of shot-blasting.



We supply components from several grams up to approximately 20kgs.